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Thank you all for your interest in having a group activity~!
I will admit that i am in a bit of a financial crunch and my points are tied in another contest so i unfortunately can not afford to fund another contest
but some of you did show interest in a group art trade so i figured it would be something fun to do!

Information about the group trade:

Please comment below with the following information

Art style: What you would be willing to draw for another person in terms of style (sketch, full body colored, lined full body) Put some links to examples if you have them

Who you would like drawn: This is a papyrus group so Papyrus must be the main focus however it can have him with other people for example: Monster kid and papyrus playing, or mettaton/papyrus, underswap papyrus and underswap sans
(please give multiple options so that someone is not forced into drawing something they don't like. Such as if you request a pairing also request a non-romantic request in case someone does not like ship art)

What would you prefer to draw: This is where you can specify if you would prefer to draw a pairing for example or a particular AU

What you would prefer not to draw: This is where you can specify if you would prefer not to draw particular things

Remember the more specific you are the more likely you are to get something you are comfortable with!!

Example of this template being used will be at the bottom

How will this Group Trade work?
:star: I will pair people together based on what they would like to get!

What happens if my person doesn't draw me my side?
:star: I will note the individual to see what is going on, if for some reason they do not answer me within a week or they are unable to do it, i will take over there side and complete your art

How long do i have to sign up for this?
:star: You have until June 15, 2017

When do i have to have my art by?
:star: Anytime between   June 15, 2017 to July 15, 2017

Oh man thats not enough time!
:star: As the deadlines are coming up i will ask in journals if more time is needed or not!

List of people and preferences:

Art style: knee high painting (…), waist high painting (…)

Who you would like drawn: Underswap Papyrus/ Underfell Papyrus, Underflip Papyrus with Underflip Sans (…)

What would you prefer to draw: any AU, papcest

What would you prefer not to draw: Papyrus/ any child (frisk, chara, aseriel, etc.), Fontcest,
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I wanted to submit to Other Undertale Characters but it doesn't let me...
evillovebunny500 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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i may have it closed, i'll fix that in a couple minutes
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